The Paranormal Patriot

The New Normal?

May 3, 2020

   Everyday we are being bombarded with politicians, news outlets and social media telling us we must prepare for "The New Normal".  What is the new normal?  Why do we have to have a new normal?  Tom will discuss what this new normal will entail and what our lives will look like as we adjust to the new norm.  

   Also, Tom will discuss how the situation in Michigan is deteriorating by the day.  Currently, those in Michigan are living through a Constitutional Crisis as Governor Whitmer has extended the Shelter in Place to May 28th.  The Republican led House and Senate are now forcing legal action stating that this is not within her power.  Be ready, if your state is currently in lockdown, this situation will be coming to you.  Listen as Tom reveals a very important point being missed by those who would like to continue to shelter in place.


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