The Paranormal Patriot

Monoliths Vs. Mothman Vs. Dogman- The Epic Battle

December 6, 2020

   On the show this week, Tom will begin with a brief discussion regarding the mathematical probability regarding the recent election and its' results.  He then play an audio clip of a woman employed by Dominion as she is in front of the Michigan legislature.  During her deposition, she states a fact that drives home the point of what is going on with the results.

   Next, monoliths are in the news.  From Utah to Romania to California, monoliths are being seen and then disappear.  Are they alien beacons or a not so elaborate human prank?  Tom does his best to get to the bottom of this mystery.

   Lastly, Tom will discuss some recent encounters with Mothman and Dogman.  Hear as a few very credible sightings are discussed and examined.  Also hear of a listeners very recent sighting of a cryptid and UFO encounter minutes apart in Mackinaw County, Michigan.  Is it possible that this encounter was of a bring that flew off in an unidentified flying object?

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