The Paranormal Patriot

Meet Me At The Border

March 21, 2021

   Thousands upon thousands of immigrants are coming to or already at our border.  Do we have a border crisis or is this normal, everyday happenings that always occur at our Southern borders.  Children are coming over in large numbers with no one accompanying them.  What do we do with these children?  Is there a good answer?

   Also, the Vatican is allegedly in possession of a device called a "Chronovisor" which can see past events.   Is such a device even possible?  Hear the history behind this device and also hear the possibilities that "time travel" is achievable.  

   Lastly, while the rest of the country is beginning to open up, here in Michigan, our "Governor" has taken things to a new level.  Hear what has happened to an average business owner  and the domino effect it could create. 

Hotline: 1-989-607-4722

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