The Paranormal Patriot

Does The Revolution Start Here?

May 17, 2020

It seems that Michigan is ground zero for a possible armed conflict between its' citizens and the government. The Draconian, tyrannical rule that Governor Whitmer has over this state is pushing people to the extreme. It is not only Michigan though, numerous states are imposing rules on their citizens. Oppressive, controlling "laws" are being enacted all over the country in the name of keeping everyone safe. Are they working or is the solution to open everything back up and let it run its course?
Also, in Owosso, Michigan, a local barber is defying our Governors edicts and opening his business. Not only is this being applauded by local residents, it is making national news and people from around the country are coming to Owosso to get a haircut and support this man. In response, the Governor and the Attorney General have suspended his license with no due process and threatened to arrest him if he continues to operate his business. At this point, the Michigan Militia has stepped in and are guarding his business and vowing that they will not allow him to be arrested. Is this the beginning of the next American Revolution? Does it all start in Michigan? Important show with new info not being heard in the news.


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