The Paranormal Patriot

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

June 7, 2020

   Another week, and more news to be covered on The Paranormal Patriot.  To begin the show this week, Tom will continue to discuss the ongoing protests and rioting engulfing major cities around the country.  Will it end soon?  Will it accomplish anything?

  Next, it seems that Governor Whitmer just can't keep herself out of a scandal.  During the protests against her orders, she attributed the protestors as one of the reasons she had to lengthen the shelter in place order.  Now, she is pictured in Detroit with protesters, arm and arm, wearing only a bandana as a mask.  People are now asking "what happened to social distancing?"  The response from Whitmer....crickets.

  Lastly, something crashed in Brazil recently.  Many videos and eyewitness accounts are leading to speculation that it may not have been the meteor that the world was told it was.  Listen as Tom breaks down the situation and gives his opinion.


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