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Complacency Will Be The Death Of Us All

March 29, 2020

   Numerous states are now enforcing a "shelter in place" order. While these orders are designed to limit contact with people, it seems as if not many are taking this seriously. Here in Michigan, it seems as if it is business as normal on the streets. Is it really necessary to avoid public contact or is this being overblown? Hear as Tom details the daily life of an essential worker who is traveling to and from work. The amount of traffic and pedestrians is disconcerting to say the least. If the public refuses to comply, what is the next step?
   Next, the Governor of Michigan, as well as other states, has shown how incompetent she truly is. Instead of providing a plan to counter the ever growing threat of Covid-19, she takes every opportunity to trash the President. Tom will give his opinion as to why she continues to play politics instead of trying to help the citizens of the state.
   Lastly, Tom goes over the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill that recently passed and was signed by President Trump. Why did it take this long to complete? What happened to all of the Democrats that were on board and then suddenly changed their minds? How can a 1400 page bill suddenly appear if it was not already prepared prior to this fiasco? Tom will go over what the bill will do for America and its economy. He will also discuss his displeasure over how it was turned into a political piece instead of what its' original intenet was.
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