The Paranormal Patriot

Agenda 2030 and the Covid Agenda

July 25, 2021

  To start the show this week, Tom will discuss the recent headlines in Michigan where Shiawassee County commissioners decided that they will give themselves up to $25,000 of Covid relief money that was meant for essential workers as well as small business owners.  Tom will elaborate how these commissioners paid themselves up to 25 times more than some of the County workers who continued to work throughout the shut down.

   The main subject of the show will revolve around the United Nation's Agenda 2030.  Tom will detail how Covid and its mandates are paving the way for this radical agenda to become the rule of the land.  

   This is an episode that you can not miss.  You will be amazed to hear how it will all make sense.  Be prepared to "sit back, relax and open your mind"!!


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