The election is over and The Paranormal Patriot is going back to where it started.  This episode will be a paranormal themed show.

   Many listeners have asked about the basics of conduvcting a paranormal investigation.  This week, Tom will give his insights into the basics when performing an invrstigstion.  Wheter insode or outside, the proper steps are explained.

   Lastly, three encounters are discussed and evaluated.  If you have had a paranormal encounter, pleae contact us @


   To begin this weeks show, Tom sends a huge thank you to his listeners for their support during this election season.  Withosome final thoughtsut you, none of would be possible. 

   Lastly, the election season is finally over.  Tom will wrap it up with some final thoughts as well as the events that have transpired after the election.  There is a very serious problem with the left in this country. 


   What a night!  The world has witnessed the most improbable run to the White House ever seen. In this special episode, Tom will recount the events he experienced during this historic night as well as his thoughts on the election itself. 


   Tom begins the show by saying "thank you" to everyone that responded to his call for support of the military family discussed on last weeks episode.

   Next, we will learn what may become of the Republican party.  This election has driven many voters away from the party due to their non-action and antics regarding Trump.  Will they survive?  If not, what will be the next party to take center stage?

   Lastly, our show ends with Tom asking a question regarding our media in this country.  They need to be held accountable for their actions. Tom may have the answer.


   Every so often, a message comes to me from a listener that hits deep into my soul. I received such a message this week.  Hear Tom describe the sacrifice one listeners family has gone through.  Their story is the reason why it is so important that Clinton does not attain the Presidency.

   In the next segment, Tom will discuss a Benghazi theory that makes more sense than anything before it.  Also, a discussion on an overlooked Wikipedia email leak.  John Podesta and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell  exchange emails pertaining to a new energy source that is going to be given to us by a surprise source.  Find out what these two are emailing about as well as the validity of these claims.

   To end this weeks show, Obama signed an Executive Order this week pertaining "Space Weather".  Is this something that we should worry about or is this another mundane Order signed by the President.


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  And so it continues....This weeks show starts with Tom giving you his thoughts on Trumps ridiculous comments.  Just a warning, it gets pretty heated in this segment.

  Next, Tom will discuss what story the media is trying to hide with the Trump comments.  What will it take to put Hillary, Loretta Lynch and Director Comey behind bars.  Find out what was done during the FBI email investigation that should be on every front page in the country, but isn't.

  Lastly, is there a brewing nuclear war.  Tom has been in contact with some military members who say that the prospect of war is very high.  Find out why and how we got to this point.

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   The Paranormal Patriot gives you a dual genre episode this week.  We begin by again asking the question, "How is Hillary able to run for office after everything that has come out regarding her emails"?  The question is answered on this episode.  Listen to what was found regarding a law specifically detailing her crime. 

   Also, FBI Director Comey is asking for immunity!  Hear as Tom gives a detailed account as to the corruption concerning this case.  The question begs to be asked, "How does this man still have his job?" Find out the answer in the first segment.

   Lastly, the listener accounts have been coming in and this week will begin to go over these encounters.  The first recounts a lady in white account from a listener in Maryland.  Next comes two alien sightings, one from Michigan, the other from California.  Which, if any, of these encounters does Tom think may be legitimate?  Listen and find out.


   It appears that when Hillary apologized for calling Trump supporters "Baskets of Deplorables", she was not sincere.  Listen to her similar comments on Israeli TV.  This is how she feels about 1/2 of Americans. 

   Also, you can forget every poll being reported on.  All you need to hear is Hillary scolding the International Laborers of North America.  Prepare to be floored after hearing what she is screaming about.  Could this be a campaign ending moment?

   Lastly, President Obama gave his final address to the U.N General Assembly.  Did he build up America and promote everything we have done for our neighboring countries?  Or did he continue his apology tour and trash the country he is in charge of?




   The podcast Gods have smiled on me this week.  When it seemed as if I would never be able to complete my scheduled interview with Andy, the planets aligned and it came to fruition. 

  The knowledge and insightfulness of my listeners never ceases to amaze me.  On this weeks show, I again interview Andy from Texas.  This time we talk about Hillary's health.  Is it only pneumonia?  Is there more to her sickness than is being told?  Should she step down to address her health issues?  Also, the biggest question, What happens if she can no longer run for President?  Andy will give his insights and thoughts regarding this issue that will not go away.

   To end the show, Tom will discuss the re-opening of the Clinton FBI probe.  Where does the corruption end?  Tom breaks down Congressman Chaffetz back and forth with a clueless FBI agent.  What becomes of this?  Where does it go from here?  Find out in this weeks episode!!!

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   There has been a significant rise in the number of people around the world who have witnessed shadow people,  In this weeks episode, Tom will discuss what shadow people are as well as their description and how to rid yourself of a shadow person presence.  If you are seeing fleeting images out of the corner of your eye, it may not be a trick of the eye.  You may be seeing an actual shadow person.  Find out where they come from and what they want.

   To end the show, Tom discusses the comments Hillary made about Trump supporters.  Will this FINALLY be the nail in the coffin regarding her bid for the White House or will the media and half of this country continue to giver her a free pass?


  Happy Labor day to all of my listeners!  This weeks episode will ask the question "Where is Hillary Clinton?"  While Donald Trump is visiting with the Mexican President and having rallies as well as press conferences, Hillary is no where to be seen.  Why is that?  Tom discusses all the options this week.

   Also, breaking news has come out that the Obama administration kept secret deals with Iran during the Iranian nuclear negotiations from Congress and the American people.  What are the consequences of these secrets and is this the straw that broke the camels back? 

   Find out the answers to this and more on this weeks episode.


   In this weeks show, Tom will discuss what is going on in Europe.  Why are Governments in Europe telling their citizens to stock up on food and water as well as be armed and prepare for the worst?  Is it a terrorism threat?  WWIII? Or something more sinister?

   Next, Tom will go over the 15,000 ADDITIONAL emails found by the FBI that Ms. Clinton did not turn over.  It is now time for your voice to be loud.  Use it to inform people of the truth.  This may be our last chance to save our country from a Socialist agenda that it will not come back from.


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   The Paranormal Patriot is pleased to give you another listener interview.  Danielle from New Jersey is interviewed and gives her insights on the Jersey Devil, Parallel Universes as well as the current political climate.  

   Danielle brings a lifetime of knowledge revolving around the Jersey Devil.  As a lifelong resident of New Jersey, Danielle gives a perspective unlike anyone else.  Danielle will recount what it was like growing up with the Jersey Devil as a persistent presence while growing up.

   A HUGE thank you to Danielle for your time.  Thank you for giving our listeners a view of the Jersey Devil that most people don't see. 


   Our show begins this week with Tom discussing the comments made by Hillary Clinton in Omaha, Nebraska.  Tom will show you that it wasn't the comment that bothers him, but something more serious.  Find out what it is and what can be done about it.

   Next, Tom will discuss the issues surround Aspartame.  Learn how it was introduced to the American public, who was behind it and what it does to our body.  How was this ever approved by the FDA?

   Lastly, Tom received a very interesting email concerning a Bigfoot encounter in Wisconsin recently. Hear what happened during the encounter and how it changed this listeners life forever.


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   Back from vacation and ready to go.  This episode begins with Tom going over his vacation and the joys of Michigan.   A life changing vacation was had and Tom would like to implore those that have not visited Michigan to do so. 

   Next, another creature sighting in New Jersey is discussed.  Is it The Jersey Devil or is there another, more down to earth explanation?

  Lastly, Tom will try to reassure everyone that the news of Clinton being ten points up on Trump is nothing to worry about.  Find out why and what is really going on. There is a track record of this behavior.


   This episode marks the next step to the evolution of The Paranormal Patriot.  Tom will interview a listener from Texas regarding the state of our national debt as well as the current situation in and around Dallas, Texas.

   Next, Tom will discuss a  flying "Dragon" encounter in Southern New Jersey.  Is there a logical explanation for this sighting or does it go much deeper?

   Lastly, Tom will ask that the uninformed voter please stop using the speech by Mrs. Trump as an example as to why to not vote  for Donald Trump.  Hear why Tom thinks this is a diversion to take us away from the real issues.

   A special thanks goes out to Andy for his time, knowledge and support of the Paranormal Patriot.  Remember, if you would ike to be interviewed and be a part of the show, let me know by sending me an email to



   This weeks episode begins with Tom lamenting the breaking news regarding the shooting of multiple officers in Louisiana.  What is it going to take to eliminate the violence and hatred toward the police in this country?

   Next, a listener submitted multiple Black Eyed Kid encounters.  Each encounter is discussed with a disturbing trend developing in the ever increasing sightings of this phenomenon.

   Lastly, Tom will discuss the attempted military coup in Turkey.  Where does this administration stand in regards to the desire of the Turkish people and what is the eventual effect this will have on the rest of the world.

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   This past week has been a gold mine for those of us who believe in Government corruption and scandal.  Tom will go over the past weeks House Oversight Hearing with excerpts from Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz as they "grill"  FBI Director Comey.  There is a reason that the American people believe there us a double standard in this Country when it comes to the "elite".  Tom (as well as Gowdy and Chaffetz) prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is a conspiracy that stinks to high Heaven. 

To end the show, Tom will discuss the events surrounding Dallas and where this hatred is coming from.  Listen and learn how to overcome the propaganda surrounding this issue.


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