The Paranormal Patriot

The Paranormal Is Not Social DIstancing

April 26, 2020

   While the world is under quarantine, it appears that the paranormal is coming out of the shadows.  The world has been on lockdown since mid March and during that time, it seems as if paranormal encounters are on a sharp rise.  To begin the show this week, Tom will discuss numerous paranormal and supernatural encounters sent in by our listeners and other he has found online.  Is the world of the paranormal coming alive during this time of reduced human activity, or now that peoples lives have slowed down, are people more observant to their surroundings?

   Also, Tom will discuss the hatred between people who believe we should reopen the country as opposed to those who believe being sheltered in place is the best solution.  Lastly, Tom's views on the Coronavirus have changed multiple times.  To end the show, Tom will give what should be his final thoughts as to how dangerous this virus actually is and what we should be doing to stop it.


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