On Location

   Back from Costa Rica and recording the show on location at Durand Railroad Days.  If it's Railroad Days, you know how the weather will be.

   Again, the news cycle did not stop while Tom was away.  On this episode, Tom will discuss the "Witch hunt" on Donald Trump.  Is this claim accurate or is there any substance to the special Investigation?

   The star is dimming again!!  Tabby's Star, which was discussed in a previous episode is currently dimming.  This time astonomers are ready and may be able to tell the world what is causing the star to dim.

   The premiere of "Ask the Paranormal Patriot" is launched.  A listener is curious what I believe she is seeing in her newly purchased home.

   As always, we finish the show with our "Brian Maddow" award winner.  This week gets a little violent.





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