We bring you more of the same this week.  More politics, more paranormal and we also add a little Black Ops to the mix.

   You know the topic of James Comey would be discussed.  Find out what Tom's opinion is on this matter, it may surprise you.

   Another Chicago Moth/OwlMan sighting?  What is going on?  Are these copy cat encounters or is there actually something flying the skies of the Windy City?

  Did you hear about the secret spacecraft that landed in Florida after 2 years in orbit?  Tom will discuss this craft and dwell in the wrld of BLack Ops.  Is there a secret Space Program in the U.S.?  Do we have "Non-Terrestial Officers" on a fleet of spaceships?  Why are we not being told?

   Don't forget to listen to this weeks presentation of the "Brian Maddow Award".  It appears that people are saying the most ridiculous things so they may have a shot at receiving this prestigious award.

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