This episode is somewhat of a continuation of last weeks show.  It seems as if the Left is at it again.  This time calling out students at an Iowa High School basketball game for having the audacity to wear red, white and blue attire.  Is it now offensive to support your country?  It seems that if you live in Iowa, it may appear so.

   Also, Tom will discuss the New York State Board of Regents decision to exempt it teachers from having to pass a basic literacy exam before they go on and teach our children.  Again, this is the leftist agenda.  Dumb down the population starting in school.  It now seems that teachers are now part of the equation.

   Lastly, a new segment is introduced. Based on the epic Trump tax return failure by Rachel Maddow.  Tom will include every week the person who exemplifies the true nature of fake, ridiculous new.  I will however, need your help with a name of the award as well as weekly nominations.  Contact me at the following:


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